"Give Terres a stage, but also the earth a green!" This is the glorious mission of the birth of Terres. Based on the new field of energy, with the help of the government platform, play private activity, to promote the study and innovation, to promote the development of investment, tres will be a new mode of use in investment, finance, scientific research and other aspects of the experience and resources, guide and service product innovation, design, research and development. Promote the industrialization development of the whole new energy production chain, and make its own efforts and contributions to the development of energy and environmental protection industry and social development.

Tres research and development company specializing in the field of new energy power electronics. Concentrated in solar photovoltaic power generation, wind power generation system, distributed renewable energy generation system, and power quality enhancement equipment based on distributed generation system. By providing efficient power converter design and flexible system architecture, the circuit integration of the product is realized. At present, the company's products are mainly divided into three categories: off grid micro grid system, grid connected continuous power supply system and power quality enhancement type power generation system.
The company has returnees post doctoral research and development team led by Dr. R & D center. To maintain good long-term cooperation, research and Pilot Universities with science and technology, to introduce and absorb the international advanced technology, establish a strict quality control system, providing solar energy the most high-quality products for our customers.


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