Pump Inverter 3700W-AC Power Source-GPRS-GPS
1.Solar photovoltaic automatic water pump system is mainly composed of photovoltaic dedicated water pump inverter, water pump, and solar battery array. It is widely used in domestic water, agricultural irrigation, desert management, grassland animal husbandry, island water supply, water treatment engineering, etc.

2.In the solar photovoltaic automatic water pump system, the battery energy storage device is omitted, and water storage is used instead of electricity storage, which directly drives the water pump to raise water. The device has high reliability and high power, while greatly reducing the cost of system construction and maintenance.

1. With MPPT function, high efficiency, can be equipped with permanent magnet motor (need to be specified)
2. Support AC / DC input,
3. There are various motor and inverter protection functions, overheat, overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit protection,
4. Wide voltage input function,
5. Various water pump control functions, drying, off-load, minimum operating frequency, flow rate, power generation, water level control, etc.,
6. GPRS online monitoring function, GPS position display, real-time output parameter monitoring, including output current, output voltage, DC bus voltage, input open circuit voltage, flow, daily flow, power generation, daily power generation, cumulative flow, cumulative power generation and other parameters , Support online parameter modification, online start and stop
7. Low temperature rise, multiple hardware protection, dual CPU, fourth-generation Infineon module


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