Grid Tie Inverter 12000W 3 Phase-With Transformer
PV grid-tie power generation system consists of PV modules, grid-tie inverters and other components. Solar modules invert the solar power into DC power, and the inverters then invert the DC power to same frequency and phase pure sine wave grid power. Part of the power will be provided to the compliance, and the rest will be sold to grid power.part of the local load power supply, the remaining power into the grid. Inverters play an important role in this process
(1)High Efficiency Power Conversion
The inverter has high efficency power conversion with PWM function, which is made of IGT semiconductor, and the rated efficieny is more than 96% 
(2)Digital Control
The systym digital control way makes it very convenient. You can get all the information such as input, output, error, stop working,etc through the LCD screen, press keys and dinamic symbols.The inverter has high sensitivity to the solar panels, and can start or stop working  automatically.

This inverter is a decentralized power system, its small transformerless design is suitable for industrial,

construction and home

(4)Decentralized power system and economic benefits

The system can be installed on the constructions, house buildings and PV power stations becasue this energy power generation can be established in any sunny place, which is an economical and energy-saving use way

(5)MPPT Function

The diversity of the output characteristics of solar cells change based on temperature, humidity, climate,

environment and the degree of solar radiation, Therefor need inverter to maintain maximum power

(6)Simple Operation
If increase solar panels, you only need to add inverters without adding any other equipment to increase the power
(7)Easy Installation and Operation
It is very easy to connect the solar panels to the grid power, it is well designed, and can check the real-time status through the LCD and press keys or stop by hand 
(8)Low Noise

Use the best components to decrease problems; there is no cooling fans inside, thus has low noise and long lifespan.

(9)Monitor System

Easy to monitor the inverter power, status, temperature and environment by cominication module and sensor together with computer.



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