Wind-Generating On-Grid Hybrid Inverter-10000
● High conversion efficiency
The inverter has a high-efficiency power conversion function in PWM mode, uses IGBT semiconductor elements, and has a high-efficiency rated horsepower higher than 96%.
● Digital control
It is easy to control the system through high-performance digital control. The system control uses high-efficiency digital control to make it more convenient, through the inverter LCD, keyboard and dynamic signs to determine the input, output, abnormal, stop and other information. The sensitivity to the fan is very high, it will automatically operate and stop.
● Inverter without transformer
This series of inverters is a decentralized power system, and its small transformerless design is suitable for industry, buildings and homes.
● Decentralized power system and economic benefits
In the case of fan power generation, the system can be installed in a place with sufficient wind power, and a fan power generation system can be established in buildings, homes, and fan power stations, because this energy generation method can be established in any place with sufficient wind power, which is an economic How to use it.
● Max power tracking point
When an unbalanced current occurs, the inverter will generate the maximum power point of the fan through MPPT according to the ambient temperature, humidity, climate, characteristics of the fan and environmental radiation.
● Simple parallel operation
If the capacity of the fan increases, it is easy to increase the capacity without adding equipment, just by adding more inverters.
● Convenient installation and operation
The fan and power connection system is very simple, it is designed to ensure that the inverter's real-time status and manual stop are checked through the front LCD keyboard.
● High authority and low noise
The accessories of the inverter are the best, it can reduce the occurrence of many bad factors. It excludes the cooling fan inside the inverter, with good authority, low noise, and long mechanical life.
● Monitoring system
Using the network communication module and a sensor box, we can easily monitor the inverter's power, status, temperature and surrounding environment, and make full use of the PC.


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