Welcome the leaders of the municipal party committee and municipal government

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During the visit, Peng accompanied the city leaders to visit the workshop production environment and production technology, and introduced the development direction of the company to the city leaders, which was unanimously recognized and praised by the leaders. 

Through field inspection and listening to reports, the leaders of the municipal party committee highly appraised the development of our company, and fully affirmed the practicability of the new energy inverter and fire electronic and electrical products produced by our company. Mr.Peng said that today's achievements can not be achieved without the party's policy of enriching the people, can not be separated from the long-term concern, help and support of government departments, but also the company's staff adhere to pioneering innovation, the pursuit of excellence, solid work results. Finally, the leaders of the municipal party committee hope that the company will attach importance to development and innovation, make further efforts to make enterprises bigger and stronger, and make greater contributions to promoting local economic development and building a civilized and harmonious Huangshi. 


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